Premade covers will only be sold once! Stock photography (if applicable) licensing included.  Designer not responsible for any other books using any of the stock included in this piece.  Exclusivity of stock photos not guaranteed, but every effort has been made to make your cover unique!

Included Customization:

  • Text Change
  • Text Additions (taglines/series names)
  • Font Color


Please contact me as soon as possible for scheduling.  Scheduling is one week out by request and are booked on the weekends.  Placing your order does NOT put you on the schedule.  Thanks!


Premade Package Includes: 

  • Upload-ready e-book cover only.
  • 3D render of your book (with transparent background) for teasers (upon request).
  • Print option available for an additional $100 (invoiced separately).


Love the cover but it's just not quite right for your book?  Upgrade to custom and we can build your cover based on the premade to make it perfect for your book.  Upgraded custom covers subject to schedule availability.  Custom covers for subsequent books in your series can also be created to match a purchased premade cover.  Customizing your cover will cost the difference between the purchase price and the current custom book cover price (standard pricing for stock premades and illustrated for exclusives).  Contact me to find out for when I am currently booking.

Rising Paradox

$125.00 Regular Price
$50.00Sale Price