Terms and Conditions





Payment plans are available.  Plan arrangements will be discussed and a separate agreement will be reached.  Failure to meet the agreed upon arrangement will result in termination of the agreement and no monies received will be refunded.



A non-refundable 50% down payment is due upon booking.  Deposit is required to hold your scheduled time slot.  Deposits are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. By paying your deposit, you agree to all of the terms and conditions listed on this page.


Final payment is due within 7 days of the invoice being sent.  A 10% late fee will be added for each additional week payment has not be received.  Invoices not paid within 90 days will have an additional $100 fee applied.  No files will be released until final payment has been made.



If we are able to fit in a rush order into our schedule, additional fees will be applied.  Any projects with one week or less turnaround time will have an additional 75% of the package price fee applied.  Any projects with two weeks or longer turnaround time, will have an additional 50% of the package price fee applied.


Premades are available on a first come, first served basis.  Once they are sold, they are never sold again.  Payment plans are not available on premades and must be paid in full through the shop.  All sales are final and will not be refunded under any circumstances. Premade covers cannot be resold. By purchasing a premade cover, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed on this page.

Modifications to premade covers must be scheduled one week ahead of time and are only scheduled on Fridays.  Modifications will be completed and final files provided to you within one week of scheduling.   Customization of text is included in the purchase price.  Modification to fonts will be billed at the hourly rate of $50 with a one-hour minimum.  Modification to images will be upgraded to the corresponding custom package.




Hell Yes Design will design first draft.  Once this is complete, it will be sent to the client.   Rough drafts may not be shared with any third parties or posted publicly online in any form (messaging, groups, forums, etc).  If you would like to share the concept with another party, written permission must be granted.



Up to 10 adjustments are included in the package price.  Each additional adjustment beyond the included 10 will be billed an additional $50, up to three. (Example: Adjustments are counted and not revisions.  If in your first revision, you request three changes, you have used three adjustments.)



Once the adjustments have been used or the final has been approved (whichever comes first), any changes to typography or edits to text (blurb/taglines etc) will be billed at $50 per revision.



Average turnaround time is 14 business days (holidays and weekends excluded).  Hell Yes Design is not responsible for missed deadlines due to poor communication.



Any changes requested after final approval and/or after final files have been delivered will be billed an additional $50 per hour with a one-hour minimum fee.  If you do not have the final page count at the time of booking, one revision will be reserved for this on the print package. Two weeks notice must be given for the print files to be formatted.



Prices are subject to change at any time and without warning.  Price is only guaranteed once deposit has been received.  



All files will be delivered via DropBox.  DropBox is a free service and an account is not required to download.  A link to your files will be provided via Facebook messenger on the Hell Yes FB page.



Due to the nature of the illustrated works, initial concepts will be provided in the form of loose sketches.  Once the sketch is approved, work on the design will begin.  Screenshots will be provided along the way.  Major changes to the initial sketch after approval are subject to additional fees at the hourly rate of $50, one hour minimum.  Turnaround time is based on complexity of the project, minimum of three weeks.  Deadline will be agreed upon at the time of booking.



Client represents and warrants that the text, graphics, photographs and/or other material provided by Client for the book cover design project are owned or licensed by Client and that Client is authorized to use and display such items in a book cover design.  Client shall be solely responsible for the materials and the validity of copyrights, trademarks and ownership claimed by Client.  Client agrees to indemnify and hold the Designer and their affiliates harmless from and against any claim of infringement, or any trademark, copyright or trade secret, or negligence arising from any of the text, graphics, photographs or other material provided by Client.  Hell Yes Design Studio reserves the right to request a copy of secured rights.

Client agrees to abide by the terms of any license agreement for any royalty-free stock images licensed by Hell Yes Design Studio through any third-party provided for use in final design.    Print runs of up 500,000 are included in licensing, depending on the source.  Additional licensing fees will assessed once this threshold has been reached.


Book Cover Design Licensing:

Upon receipt of full payment, Hell Yes Design Studio grants the client the exclusive license to use the final cover design artwork for his/her book cover and associated promotional materials in its entirety.  Lorelei Przybranowski of Hell Yes Design Studio maintains full copyright of all designs and draft concepts (including layout, style, image placement and fonts) and may not be recreated by anyone, nor can any works be based on the original design, use the same typography layout or branding.   Violations of this will result in immediate removal of licensing rights to the book cover.


Hell Yes Design Studio retains the right to use the final design, author name and book title in their portfolio and to market and promote services.


The client understands that the design may NOT be altered by anyone other than Lorelei Przybranowski of Hell Yes Design Studio.   The client understands that the design may not be displayed in a cropped version without permission and approval of graphic.


Raw layered files or blank files (graphic images lacking text) will not be provided to client due to copyright issues. PDF, JPG and/or other publishing-ready file(s) will be provided.



Hell Yes Design Studio requires cover design credit to appear in client's book on the copyright page as: "Cover design © Lorelei Przybranowski of www.HellYes.design" as well as in a small, unobtrusive line on the back cover of print designs.


Client Responsibility

Client is fully responsible for proofing the book cover design provided by the Designer and it is strongly suggested that Client requests a proof from the printer before publishing or ordering any copies of the book.  



At no time will Designer be held financially or legally responsible for any problems, costs, fees or expenses incurred by Client as a result of using the book cover design provided by Designer.  While Designer will do their best to fix any problems that may arise with the book cover design, they cannot be held responsible for any costs, fees, or expenses due to any problem with the book cover design.


Project Suspension

Hell Yes Design Studio takes pride in our artwork and will not put our name on anything we are not proud of designing.  We ask that you take our suggestions and ideas, which are given in your best interest.  Any form of micromanaging or forced art direction during the development phase will not be tolerated.  We reserve the right to terminate this agreement if a client: interferes with excessive micromanaging; and/or demonstrates a continued lack of trust or inability to move forward within a project.  Notice will be given with every opportunity to remedy the situation before suspension will be considered.  Any suspension/termination will not result in any refund of funds and all designs and concepts developed remain under the full ownership of Hell Yes Design Studio.  Client will forfeit any rights to share/use the works created in any phase of the development and agrees to destroy any provided drafts/files.



This agreement is the entire agreement of all parties.  No additional promises or conditions, written or oral, apply to this agreement that are not included herein. Upon delivery of final files, this agreement is considered fulfilled.

Updated May 4, 2020.